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looking to diversify your retirement portfolio?
Needing to safeguard your wealth against unstable economy?

Adding palladium to your mix is really a smart choice.The increasing demand for this metal in the car industry , as well as its usage as a metal alloy in the jewelry business make palladium a great deal for investors bidding on its potential growth.

But you certainly know that investing in palladium bars can cost you thousands of dollars.And If you want to have all your options secure and covered,you’ll need to do your due diligence and work hard to avoid the pitfalls associated with buying precious metals or “palladium “online .

Teaching you a right way to buy securely is our primary aim behind this website .

We want you  to succeed and prosper and tell your friends about the great experience that you had,and also tell them about us.

But first, make sure to follow our carefully researched steps and tricks before taking your final decision.

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How Do I Buy Palladium Bars?

When purchasing palladium bars, make sure to be 100% comfortable with the transaction, not only with the sales terms, but also from a price perspective . By purchasing from a trustworthy company, you can expect , a close to the spot price of palladium ,and ensure an overall delivered price including commissions,shipping charges,and other possible fees .Reliable dealers will also be able to offer prompt physical delivery of the palladium to your location.

Let’s look at the two primary ways you can invest in physical palladium metal, and the benefits of each:

Physical palladium possession

Buying palladium bars for physical possession allows you to store your metals however you choose –  in a bank deposit box, in a safe,or at your own.

You have complete access to your metals any time and total control over your investments.

The key problem with taking physical delivery is that you have to look after it.If you do store the palladium at home, and you want it to be covered by your home insurance, you are required to tell your insurer. Depending on how much palladium you have, this could potentially boost up your premium.

Physical Palladium in an IRA Account

An IRA backed with precious metals combines the benefits of a tax deferred government- approved retirement account.Palladium bars that are approved by the government should be at  least 0.9995 pure. When you add palladium bars to an IRA with a reputable company,they are stored safely in a precious metals depository untill you decide to take distributions from your account.

If I choose the second option,what Fees will I have to pay  for the storage of my bars?

This depends largely on the dealer you choose to work with,with most companies,the average storage fees range from 160 to 300 dollars a year,but you should be careful in choosing a company that offers flat storage fees over scaling fees,this helps you avoid being charged extra fees when you add more bars to your +account.A company like the one we recommend provides secure storage for a flat and cheap annual fee .

What are The Best Palladium Bars I can Buy?

This is a good question,and before getting to an answer,you need first to decide on the amount of money you are planning to invest.however,it is important to know which bars are available in the market to have a clear vision of what you are going to buy and be prepared.

1-oz Palladium Bars

Palladium bars: Credit Suisse and PAMP 1-oz palladium bars

 As a palladium bars investor,you will probably end up buying the Credit Suisse 1-oz palladium bars or PAMP 1-oz palladium 

pamp suisse palladium barsbars.Although there are other denominations offered by these brands like the 10 oz bars,the 1 ounce palladium bars are investors favorite choice for their ease of storage and liquidity ,as well as being affordable.

Credit Suisse and PAMP are two of the most famous precious metals names in Europe.

(Actually, PAMP, a leading refinery, 

credit suisse palladium barsproduces Credit Suisse palladium bars. Credit Suisse is a major Swiss bank, which has long been selling gold,silver,platinum and palladium bars with the Credit Suisse name stamped on them.)


Credit Suisse and PAMP palladium bars are .9995 fine palladium, which is the industry standard for palladium bullion sold into the precious metals market

And, there are no more esteemed names in this investment market than Credit Suisse and PAMP.As an investor you can  buy either Credit Suisse or PAMP palladium bars with confidence that you are getting first-class palladium bars.

How Can I Choose a Good Palladium Dealer?

Avoid Dealers with Red Flags 

Make sure to choose a reputable and trustworthy dealer that is fully accredited by authority watchdogs like the BBB,Trustlink and Business Consumer Alliance.If you come across a dealer with poor ratings and a high volume of customer complaints,this is a big red flag to start looking elswhere.

authority watchdogs

Any companies offering “paper” substitutes for the physical metal or other investment schemes that may carry serious counter-party risks should be bypassed.With proper due-diligence, you can smartly avoid the risks that could potentially stem from transactions with  dealers of poor reputation.

Please visit our Best Online Palladium Dealers Page to gain more insights for a best online palladium buying experience,or analyse our comparison chart below to see with which dealer you may feel more at comfort.

Note:This Comparison Chart shows palladium and precious metals dealers in our order of preference,it is based on reviews and ratings from authority third party review sites like BBB,Business Consumer Alliance and Trustlink/Last Updated 09/03/2015

Dealers and ContactsBusiness StartedBBB RatingsBCA RatingsTrustlink Ratings 
Regal Assets LLC
(0) Complaints
(0) Complaints
652 reviews
(5) Complaints
(1) Complaints

39 Reviews
(40) Complaints 
1 Reviews
Money Metals
(1) Complaints 
Not listedNot listed
Bullion Direct
(13) Complaints
(o) Complaints
0 Reviews
Provident Metals
(37) Complaints
Not listed
Not listed
(59) Complaints
Not listed
Not listed
(91) Complaints
Not listed5stars
1 Reviews

One of the best known to offer palladium bars in a precious metals IRA account is Regal Assets. They offer the option to buy palladium and a variety of precious metals online and keep them for you at the Brinks depository of St Lake city in a completely  segregated storage,this ensures that your assets will not be commingled with other investors,and avoid you the risk of finding different bars from those you purchased initially . They allow you to track your holdings online 24h/7days a week, and they also offer a 7 days delivery guarantee of your palladium ,one of the fastest in the industry.

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